Contract Services

Here at Rotheblog we talk about a wide range of topics, most of which deal with arcade games. But my passions lie with web marketing and artwork restoration, and for that reason we offer a number of services dealing with those disciplines.

Arcade artwork restoration

From head to toe, we can help you restore your favorite arcade game with brand new artwork. We can provide restoration services that run the gamut from stenciling your cabinet to printing custom overlays, marquees, bezels and sideart. If you need restoration parts fabricated from scratch, we have partners that can do just that.

Examples of my work;

Learn more about printed artwork on my ‘Arcade Vectorizing Services‘ page, or contact me today to learn more.

Web Development / Theme Design

Need a website developed? Need a theme for your WordPress, Drupal, Ning, Squirrelcart or other website? Contact me today for a free estimate.

For examples of my work, check out; (Examples for Squirrelcart and other themes coming soon)

Consultation / Training

Looking to start your own website? Trying to install WordPress and you need to know about the admin interface, theming, plugins and more? Want to learn more about SEO best practices and link building? Contact me today and I will tailor a set of services specific to your needs and your budget.