Update on the Mappy Kickplate Reproductions

Been waiting on new kickplate for your Mappy arcade machine? I posted awhile back about finishing the Mappy artwork separations and sending the files off to This Old Game. Well, today Rich posted an update at Coinopspace.com on his weekly Friday blog that he has been making the films and the artwork may print as early as this week! (more…)

Mappy Color Separations Finished

Hot day outside. Good day to sit in the basement and work on vector arcade game artwork. Simple and easy, not like the Pengo control panel artwork separations, the color separations for the Mappy kickplate artwork were quick and to the point. (more…)

Midway Mappy Kickplate Artwork

Mappy Kickplate Artwork - Mappy Character After I finished up with the final details of the Atari Football reproduction sideart, that freed me up to tackle a much smaller project, Goro and Mappy artwork for the Mappy kickplate (Here are some small images of both of them). Eventually, This Old Game will do reproductions of these characters and they are simple enough that over the course of last night and tonight I was able to vectorize both. (more…)