Mad Planets

Mad Planets underlay artwork finished

Earlier this week, as I sat in the hotel trying to get home from my Chicago trip, I had some time to finish drawing any missing pieces of the Mad Planets underlay and then make sure that all fills were added. (more…)

Mad Planets underlay artwork progress part 2

Soon after I got my $50 Mad Planets deal, I wasn’t sure that I was going to finish turning the underlay artwork into vectors before I picked the game up and brought it back to Indianapolis. But Rory B. stepped up, got his NOS Mad Planets Underlay scanned and sent me a copy of that scan to finish tracing the artwork when possible. (more…)

Mad Planets underlay artwork progress

I’ve had little bits of time here and there, some in the hospital, where I was able to work on vectorizing the Mad Planets artwork that is under the control panel facing forward, which I’m referring to as the ‘Underlay’ to keep it simple. However, with my $50 Mad Planets Craigslist deal last week, it appears that I don’t ‘have’ to finish this artwork. But I like the game enough that I may…. (more…)

Mad Planets Bezel Artwork Finished

I cranked through this Mad Planets artwork this week, knowing the end of the week and weekend would be busy busy and after a little hiatus since my last vector project in the Rally-X control panel, I was in the zone to finish this bezel. I am really pumped, the artwork was pretty tedious in portions and I’m happy to have it finished and ready for the next piece. (more…)

Crazy detail in the Mad Planets bezel artwork

I was in the mood yesterday to do some tracing of arcade artwork, so I started working on the Mad Planets bezel. The high resolution bezel scan is available from a couple of different sources and from what I can tell appears to be an accurate file. The artwork itself is fairly boring, it’s a good supporting piece for the whole cabinet, but if you compare the level of detail and composition this bezel artwork won’t floor you. But tracing it, that’s another story. (more…)

New Mad Planet CPO Reproductions

I would try to stay away from reposting information that was in the common arcade collecting groups, but I came across this post from Quarter Arcade about Mad Planet control panel overlay reproductions this morning just as it came across the wire. (more…)