Frenzy repro control panels – printed!

Chris M. always has the greatest attention to detail, and has been keeping in touch with the collectors who ordered a repro Frenzy control panel. Since May there have probably been at least 9 updates on snags, delays, and other bumps that Chris patiently navigated. Today was the payoff, the Frenzy panels are in Chicago and look awesome. (more…)

Frenzy NOS Cpanel shipping to Oklahoma

The Frenzy reproduction control panels continue to move forward. In the last two weeks, I sent out the Pantone colors I matched to the printer. But to make absolutely sure that the colors are spot on, today the Frenzy panel is traveling via Fedex to Oklahoma. (more…)

Frenzy reproduction control panels – Progress update

I know Chris has been messaging those who are purchasing a reproduction Frenzy control panel, but I wanted to update here as well – progress is continuing to move forward. (more…)

Own a Frenzy arcade game? A couple of questions for ya.

Last night I finished all of the artwork for the Frenzy control panel repro, but there were a couple of details I wanted to throw out to Frenzy owners to get their opinion – a little crowd sourcing. (more…)

The orange and blue make Lady Gaga jealous

The following preview has been approved for all Stern lovers, and of course all Lady Gaga fans. Orange and blue so spectacular that Willy Wonka would tell you to lick the panel for flavors of orange and blueberry. (more…)

NOS Stern Frenzy panel arrives

Just last night I got the astonishingly beautiful and well preserved NOS Frenzy control panel. Just wanted to write this short note as the beginning to the Frenzy control panel reproduction.

Stern Frenzy NOS Control Panel