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This week was the first of two weeks of Family Guy marathons on Fox. This is in preparation of new episodes next fall, and a new show by Seth McFarlane early next year. They did some promotion for that show during the episodes, but not nearly as much as I would have expected. Not to mention, why the episodes, why now, the new ones seem too far off. Is it so people remember what Family Guy was before the new fall lineups come out.

On that weird note, Why Seth picked these two episodes as some of his favorites for the marathon is beyond me. But even sub par funny episodes waste most of what is on TV now. Edgy and intelligent, Family Guy is a nice blend of the over the top offensive South Park and the Simpsons, which has become the bar for any prime time cartoon. From cannibalistic candy trees to misplaced “chin nuts”, these two episodes were two of his apparent favorites before it’s first cancellation in 2000.

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