King Arthur (2004)

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This movie started out slow, with Clive Owen not initially convincing as Arthur. As I watched I realized why this movie had such a dismal showing at the theaters. Unlike Pirates, Jerry Bruckheimer’s success last year dealt with a long removed subject matters, pirates. But this movie is another war between some powerful history group of people Romans, vs outlandish types.

The great thing about this movie, and any Bruckheimer is that is always asks, why can’t this be done. Why can’t we reinterpret this, and do it in an intelligent way so we don’t just retell the story for the heck of it. The end battle was inventive, the idea of more realistic stories of the amount of nights, their appearance, and their interactions, and the love story between Guinevere and Arthur and her history were all more realistic views and interesting insight into these beloved characters.

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