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This was the first house out of the handful of the ones we had seen that I was interested in. The basement was mostly remodeled with enormous built in shelves. There were huge hallways to move things through which also seemed to have a great airflow, there was this cool brick patio out front I could sit on, it had a two door garage, there was a nice wooden privacy fence in back perfect for keeping a dog safe and it was located about three miles from work. But just four days after looking at this house, it had a bid on it and I didn’t feel the need to rush anything. The young couple who lived in it now only bought it a year ago and were moving to Arizona so they were motivated, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

The weird thing is though that although this was the first house I may have thought about bidding on, another house that was kind of intriguing to us on our first house hunting trip had a bid three days later and sold less than a week after we looked at it. From all that I can tell housing is at a premium right now and when we do decide, we will have to snatch up something really quick, which is troublesome if you are trying to make the best possible decision.

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