The season premiere of the Simpsons on Fox.

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Last week the historic 16th season of the Simpsons kicked off with the Treehouse of Horror. Always known to be a little offbeat, and really out of context with the rest of the Simpsons world, the Treehouse of Horror’s are hardly my favorite.

There were some lines from the preview that were really funny like when Homer is roasting in a pan waiting for the aliens to eat him. Bart says, “Am I the only one in pain here?” and Homer replies as he takes another bite out of his own arm, “Noooo, but your the only one who won’t shut up about it.”

Tonight is the season premiere, and contrary to my mother’s early childhood wishes, I am going to sit down and watch it. I can still remember talking to my parents about the Simpsons when it came out so long ago. We were taking a walk with the dog, and I was telling her about how one of my friends got to watch the show, and how they said swear words in the show. At the time that was really shocking, and my parents being the conservatives that they are, of course said “No Way Hose!” (With some good reason).

But Simpsons has stood the test of time and has set the bar for tongue in cheek humor. For those of you out there that don’t like the show, it is either because you are too conservative to allow that part of your to admit that it is a funny show and it has proven itself 16 seasons over, or, you think Chevy Chase is funny and well, that is a whole different brand of humor. You can laugh as Chevy gets into another precarious situation with a Christmas tree or his peculiar brother, and I will instead watch a tv show that will be remembered much longer.

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