Collateral Damage(2002)

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This movie must have come out at a funny time. A year after the 9/11 attacks, this is a movie all about terrorist attacks.

Arnold stars as a fireman who has just lost his wife and child to a Columbian terrorist attack. Driven over the edge, he starts
to research how to get into the country and kill those who have taken his loved ones. He miraculously makes it into the guerilla run country and then penetrates the fortress of the terrorist where not even the USA could find him.

In the end of the movie he ends up back in America, trying to stop a bomb. There is a twist and he finds out who the real terrorist mastermind is.

There are a lot of parts I find hard to believe in this movie, and there is some under acting by Arnold. It may be an action film, but you never really feel the loss of his family. Plus the very ending, the villain survives this amazing explosion that would be totally impossible.

The cool thing about this movie is that Arnold doesn’t kill reams of people like a Conan movie or something, actually they are very few. It is a solid action movie and if you are just amazed at how massive Arnold is, then I would check this out. It isn’t particularly violent so for those of you who are put off by the R rating, that won’t be a problem. But don’t come looking for this movie to do anything more then take 2 hours of your life to relax and tune everything else out for some German flavored do-gooding.

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