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I hadn’t even noticed it had been a week since I wrote. This past week I have tried to get caught up on all of the freelance updates I had on my plate. That is why I haven’t written anything in so long, and in my breaks between working at home, I was still playing a ton of arcade games, primarily Mr. Do. I was hoping to do something different over the weekend since we have been busy pretty much every one since the beginning of the year.

We got requests to see more photos of the house now that we have been moved in for over a month, yikes! Or any update at all for pete’s sake.

I decided that I would make a photo gallery of something like 30 photos that I have taken over the span of this month. But as I was getting into it, I decided to give my coworker a call and see if there was an easier way to make the gallery using some programming things. Basically his answer was yes, but I would have to learn some things and then I could reuse it faster later.

So that is where I am at. I am going to try to make this gallery very soon, but who knows how long it will actually take me.

As for what we have been up to. Yesterday we went to the north side of the city to hang out with the Buissons for Mardi Gras (John is from Louisiana) and play our new game, “Scene It”. (A DVD game that is all about answering movie trivia with movie clips and other cool little things.) The game was a lot of fun I thought, and Sarah would have thought so too if she knew a little more about movies.

Sarah has been sick this week quite a bit. I have to take a second look most of the time to make sure the kleenex isn’t attached to her nose. She is looking forward to Kim Etheridge visiting next weekend for a day. She’s been talking to friends on the phone for a good part of the day today.

I had some time to think through things earlier today and between phone time I have been trying to do some organizing. I have all of these notes about Web Design from when I was working at Spindel in GR and all sorts of notes from developing V 1.0 of Rothecreations.com. I tried to sort them out more logical then the order creep they are in right now. By doing so, hoping to start getting organized for a redesign of the site. But I don’t have an actual plan of attacking that yet so who knows when it will get done.

So for today, I am just going to add movie reviews, and hopefully by tomorrow, with some help from Chris, I can get that gallery up and working in the Photo Diary section.

Sections Updated: Movies H-J, Movies A-B, Movies S-T

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