Shark Tale (2004)

Shark TaleTwo and a Half Stars

I sure do see a lot of movies in this area of the alphabet, I wonder if there is a study on why that may be, I NEED SOME ANSWERS!

Shark Tale. About Will Smith who is a small fish in the big ocean who wants to be better than he is. By a stroke of luck, and a little lie, he convinces his whole city that he can kill sharks. Then he hooks up and makes friends with a timid shark with the voice of Jack Black. Together they further this lie to the breaking point. Finally Smith realizes what he has and admits his mistake and everyone lives happily ever after. Also starring the voices of Angelina Jolie, Robert DeNiro, and Renee Zellwegger.

I thought this movie kind of sucked. I am not the type to sit and compare to the other films of the same genre, even though it is a little weird that I think this is the second time Dreamworks has released a full length animated film of the same idea right after Pixar. Shark Tale is different from Finding Nemo in that Nemo had a ton of realism in it’s characters and surrounding. This film is more an illustrative interpretation.

So, for the very least you should see this movie for the imagination. But that is it.

I laughed, hard, five times in the movie. I didn’t chuckle otherwise. It was just kind of cheesy humor, and nothing very inventive.

So, this won’t touch anything done by Pixar in creativity, only go see it if you marvel at how these films are done, which I do.

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