The Quick and the Dead (1995)

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I really enjoyed this movie. I had no expectations when Christine lent it to us, and as a matter a fact, most of the actors in this movie in particular I am indifferent to or don’t really like. I was surprised to see Russell Crowe, however, before he became a big star.

The movie revolves around a little western town that every year has a gun fighting tournament. The town is owned by Gene Hackman and he is a ruthless tyrant who over taxes his people who already live in fear that he could kill them at any time. The tournament brings the best gun fighters from all around the world, or so they would have you believe. Sharon Stone is looking for revenge, as are most against Hackman. But she in particular because Hackman killed her father and took over the town when she was just a little girl.

As I mentioned, this movie has Stone as the lone female gunslinger who enters the contest, Russell Crowe is a preacher who used to be an outlaw, and Leonardo DiCaprio is Gene Hackman’s son, one of the fastest guns in the tournament known as “The Kid”, out to win his father’s respect. Gary Sinise has a small part as Sharon Stone’s Dad.

This movie was directed by Sam Raimi, and has his over the top, exaggerated violence. There were parts of this movie that I didn’t care for when it came to gore in the shootouts. After the first few rounds the fights are to the death and get more violent. So I wouldn’t recommend this movie if you don’t at least like westerns, or if you are turned off by a little gore. But Russell Crowe has a really cool character that although is troubled, like most of his parts, isn’t so overwhelming because he is younger in this movie. Why that matters? I don’t know. Like strong female characters. Sharon Stone is great. Gene Hackman is
solid too. I don’t think that man has aged in looks since 1986. He’s scary, powerful, and believable all in one.

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