Seabiscuit (2003)

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We bought this movie yesterday, and it still holds the magic it first did when we saw it in the theaters. As the filmmakers say on the disc, a Classic American Tale, Seabiscuit is an emotional film that touches the heart of most any red blooded American.

Beautifully shot in such a memorable era, Seabiscuit is a story about a discarded horse that brings together three lives that have been beaten down by the depression, and rises to the penultimate success. For every American whose worth was shattered, this movie is about second chances, hope, and faith that those who believe in those three ideals can rise to the top.

A perfect cast of Jeff Bridges, Toby Maguire, Chris Cooper, Elisabeth Banks and directed by Gary Ross, each character shows the emotion of a troubled spirit in a great way. Jeff Bridges lost his son to the very thing that made him rich, Toby Maguire was given up by his family in hopes of a better life that never was, and Chris Cooper was a nomad that slowly watched his precious untouched country-side dwindle.

This movie makes me cry ever time I see it. The color, the grandeur of the costumes, and that secret wish down within that the underdog will win, this is a movie that blends classic film making with modern technology and resources.

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