Assault on Precinct 13(2005)

Rothe Blog Assault Precinct 13Four and a Half Stars

I was not prepared for how action packed, and graphic this movie was. But I still loved it.

Surprises at every turn, Ethan Hawke and Lawrence Fishburne head an ensemble cast with John Leguizamo, Gabriel Bryne, Maria Bello, and Drea de Matteo. Ethan Hawke is a cop that had a bad leadership experience, that has caused him to loose faith in himself. But when a bus with one of the most dangerous criminals aboard makes an emergency stop at his precinct on a snowy night, all hell breaks loose and he has to make the decision to be in charge.

Lawrence Fishburne is the dangerous gangsta cop killer, who is dirty with half of the city’s cops and is ready to finger then if brought to trial. So the dirty cops decided it is time to take him out, and everyone else involved.

Great action but graphic, like I mentioned, see this movie if that is your thing. If you don’t handle blood and death, at least this movie is shot primarily at night so you don’t see a good portion of it. Ethan Hawke is great actor, even though he may not have the statue or traditional looks of a leading role actor. So, if you like something a little off kilter in that sense, you may want to see this. But expect the unexpected where no one is untouchable and there is killing with no hesitation.

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