Big Trouble (2002)

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This was one of those movies that was largely funny because of the company we were in. If I had seen this at home, I may have thought, “Mmmm, yeah ok.”

Starring Tim Allen, Rene Russo, and Stanley Tucci, the plot of this random movie is a hit is put out on Stanley Tucci that turns into a heist by two idiots who run off with a nuclear bomb. It is silly to the core, and it almost never came out. With some of the implications it made that airport security is lax, this movie was delayed after 9/11.

Reoccurring jokes, and a diverse well known cast that pops in and out, this is a bizarre movie. Wandering goats, Johnny Knoxville wearing women’s full legged hoes on his head, and rabid Miami Gator fans, if you didn’t get a joke the first time, you will love it by the last as they all build on each other.

Have some drinks in you then watch this. It worked for us. It is not good acting, but you don’t go see Tim Allen for that reason. But don’t think this is like Napoleon Dynamite where every time after the first time you watch this movie, you will love it a little bit more.

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