Robocop (1987)

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I gave this movie the rating I did largely because of how I remember it. I had seen this in the mid 90’s as a TV edited version, and I loved it then. But now looking at it, you see how the dated the movie is, and how far we’ve come in technology since then.

The movie is about Murphy, a cop that is viciously killed in the line of duty. His timing is just right that the police department of the future is looking for something less human and breakable in the form of a complete robot or a cyborg. The full monstrous robot Ed 209 is a disaster, killing everyone in sight, so Murphy because a cyborg robocop.

He then spends the rest of the movie in self discovery, reversing his brain washing, and killing off all of the bad guys that killed him first. Pretty simple.

Graphic in many senses even by today’s standards, I don’t think I would recommend many people to see this movie. There was one part that scared me so bad the first time I saw it, and that was TV edited version, that I had to fast forward through this time again. But the idea is pretty cool and the Robocop design is really awesome. This is kind of a classic in a sense, so maybe check it out for the whole campy futuristic ideal is portrays in the movie.

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