Guess Who (2005)

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I really enjoyed this movie. Not a new concept, unspoken boundaries in culture in relationships that cause tension, but I think that the casting was perfect. Bernie Mac as the stern dad, and Ashton Kutcher as the mostly polite but proto-typical American male.

It does get a little sappy, but I think it fits the movie fine. From the start with stereotypes being flung out left and right, to uncomfortable jokes at the dinner table, to the awkward conversations between a father and a boy dating his daughter, just about anyone can enjoy this movie.

If you don’t like Ashton, you might want to skip this, but he isn’t obnoxious. He doesn’t seem to carry over any of his acting from “That 70’s Show” into any of the movie roles I have seen him in. He is a mature guy who is trying to be as politically correct as possible.

Check this one out. Lots of typical scenes with “Women Power”, and “We aren’t talking about the relations you had with my daughter” but perfect to wait to rent at home on a Friday night with the other grownups who can appreciate the possibly real world situation.

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