Prime (2005)

PrimeThree Stars

Who’s in it

Meryl Streep, Uma Thurman, Bryan Greensburg, Jon Abrahams

What was good

The humor, there was a good amount of it. You’ve seen the commercials for this, the handsome Jewish kid who’s new non Jewish girlfriend is his mother’s patient. What you don’t see is his best friend doing ding dong pie throws at random or ex-girlfriends, it is pretty hilarious. Plus there are plenty of scenes that Uma Thurman pulls off singly in the therapy sessions that will make you laugh, sometimes painfully.

What sucked

It didn’t stand out to me. It ended up being very mediocre without a great ending, I was left wanting more. I never really got pulled into the emotions of their turmoil, whether I could empathize or not.

Who should go see this

Girls that live love stories might see this, but it isn’t a great one. Both of the main characters are easy on the eyes, so if you like either one of those, Uma is eye candy for the men. But otherwise, the concept was good, it just never worked out into a whole solid movie and I wouldn’t recommend renting this one for more than a dollar.

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