You, Me, and Dupree (2006)

You, Me, and DupreeOne and a Half Stars

Who’s in it

Owen Wilson, Matt Dillon, Kate Hudson, Michael Douglas, Seth Rogen

Should you see this movie?

No, this one sucked more than you could imagine. It was half awkward “Meet the Parents” humor and half pity humor, and that sort of thing hardly ever works for me. I thought this movie might be worth .50 cents, but it wasn’t. Dupree is a loser friend who is a free spirit and can’t find his way and is into all sorts of weird stuff. The movie just drags on as this person hates this person, and then someone else doesn’t like someone else and the other people are friends, and on and on. Not funny, you sit there wondering what else you could be doing, skip this one with all you can.

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