Click (2006)

ClickFour Stars

Who’s Voice is in it (Who’s Not?)

Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale, Sean Austin, Henry Wrinkler, Christopher Walken, David Hasselhoff

Should you see this movie?

Yes, go to see this one, but keep in mind that the previews make this look like a typical Sandler movie when it really is half a funny Sandler movie and half of Punch Drunk Love somberness. In this one Sandler is an architect trying to get ahead, provide for his family, have enough time, the usual kind of stuff. He wishes there was some way he could balance it all, enter Walken, who gives Sandler a remote to fast forward, pause, basically control his life with a special tv remote. The problem being is that the remote remembers things, preferences, how he acted before, and does it in the future. This starts to spiral his life out of control and he misses large pieces of it, becoming an old man. As I said, the movie turns not funny half way in, and changes into a life lesson. But it is still an interesting idea and since it is funny it does make for an entertaining night, just be warned.

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