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The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

The Devil Wears PradaFour Stars

Who’s Voice is in it

Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Stanley Tucci

Should you see this movie?

I think so. It was funny, heartwarming, bitter, and surprising all in one. I think there may be a lot of different cliches wrapped up in a different setting in this movie, but I think both Hathaway and Streep did an awesome job, and it was an entertaining movie. It’s like one big long cat fight, but with wounds a little more deep, and with fashion men. None of the stars are first rate so you may not go to just see one of them, but it is fun for the guys to see Hathaway go from a regular girl next door to a real hottie by the end of the movie.

26th October, 2006

Tonight I put in the new light fixture that I bought to work in the game. I went to Menards to get one, I was pretty sure they wouldn’t have a matching bulb for the one already there and they didn’t. When I took out the old one, it was stapled down to the cab, and pretty tight for slack, but with the new fixture, I have no problem with that. I can plug it into the receptical and have no issue. It looks pretty awesome lit up finally.

Beerfest (2006)

BeerfestTwo & A Half Stars

Who’s in it

No one you know and directed by this guy, Jay Chandrasekhar, you don’t know him either by name

Should you see this movie?

Maybe, especially if you liked Super Troopers. The director was part of Broken Lizard, Club Dread and all that silly stuff with Bill Paxton and he also directed Dukes of Hazzard and of course, Troopers.

This movie starts out pretty funny and has a lot of promise. A whole movie on drinking beer and beerfest and all of the craziness that naturally would go with a festival like that. Two brothers are taking the ashes of their drunken father to Germany to scatter at beerfest. Only then do they learn that beerfest is a secret competition that only the worthy are allowed to partake. Not only that, but their father and mother are not what they seem to be, stable boy and hooker, and this all lays a great foundwork for a fun story. But then, they start to train for beerfest and although that sounds funny, the rest of the movie really wasn’t. It was slow and the characters really didn’t keep you engaged, you just keep waiting for them to get back to the competition and “Da Boot”.

So, this may or may not be for most people, but this director’s humor does have a small following now, so if you’re one of them this will be great for you.

23rd October 2006

Stopped this morning at King’s Electronics, two blocks from new workplace, to get some capacitors for my R-Type game. I got to leave at a decent time and I stopped by Menards to get a new light fixture for the game cabinet as well. I figured I wouldn’t be able to replace the bulb, but what I was concerned about was the voltage of the light and the length of the cord, neither of which I satisfied either. It was a gratifying experience to stand in the store like a dufus, wonder why they had 15″ light bulbs, and no 15″ fixtures, and 13″ fixtures with no 13″ light bulbs.

After dinner I started to take apart my R-Type. My first working game, I’ve had it working for three days, and the only thought that goes through my head is, “Let’s take it apart and see if I can break it!”. It took some time to solder off an old wire that was used as a jumper between the capacitor connections, and get all three of the capacitors into place on the board, but once I got it done, and plugged it in, I had blaring sound right away, no problem! Very exciting and fulfilling for me to have that work and be that easy. And there is a pot that is located right in the area to easily adjust the volume on the R-type as needed.

New Photo Galleries from multiple events from this summer / fall ’07

I have found out since I launched this blog 2 years ago, that I started out energetic about posting photos, but it was time consuming, and I don’t have that much time at any given point in my life. Now, I know there are a million social networking sites out there for posting photos, this little industry has exploded, but I never liked having someone leave my site visually and I like my code and I want it to be written right and not bloated.

Well, my desire to share photos has overruled most else, and I started to play around with Picasa from Google and their new Web Albums feature. I like it. Talk about easy. All you need is a Google account, which gives you access to a whole bunch of awesome stuff rolled into one user interface on the web, word and spreadsheet creation and versioning tools (docs.google.com released this week), photo sharing, mail, calendar, and access to use their IM.

It gives you 250 MB of free space, which is a good chunk. I am sure I will have no issue filling that up, but for the average person that is a lot of space. Not to mention the galleries themselves are just awesome in what you get to do as a user. You do leave my site, but that’s ok, just come back:).

I have posted three sets of photos so far; This past weekend with our parents, our shoe ruining mission event at the airshow in August, and our trip to Cleveland from this past June. Enjoy

22nd October 2006

I went out to Radio Shack to see if they had the capacitors I needed to solder onto the board to make the sound work, but they didn’t. When I got home I removed the old florescent light, reset some of the dip switches back to pay to play, and took the cover off the inside of the coin mech that covered the switch to feed quarters.

Fall Indianapolis USAmusement Auction October 2006

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