23rd October 2006

Stopped this morning at King’s Electronics, two blocks from new workplace, to get some capacitors for my R-Type game. I got to leave at a decent time and I stopped by Menards to get a new light fixture for the game cabinet as well. I figured I wouldn’t be able to replace the bulb, but what I was concerned about was the voltage of the light and the length of the cord, neither of which I satisfied either. It was a gratifying experience to stand in the store like a dufus, wonder why they had 15″ light bulbs, and no 15″ fixtures, and 13″ fixtures with no 13″ light bulbs.

After dinner I started to take apart my R-Type. My first working game, I’ve had it working for three days, and the only thought that goes through my head is, “Let’s take it apart and see if I can break it!”. It took some time to solder off an old wire that was used as a jumper between the capacitor connections, and get all three of the capacitors into place on the board, but once I got it done, and plugged it in, I had blaring sound right away, no problem! Very exciting and fulfilling for me to have that work and be that easy. And there is a pot that is located right in the area to easily adjust the volume on the R-type as needed.

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