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Found a Dig Dug control panel in Michigan

Took some time today to get out and meet some other arcade collectors in MI. The first guy I met, Tim in Vermontsville, has a ton of games. I told him about some of the things I was looking for, and he said that he has an almost complete Dig Dug control panel in one of his other storage spaces. He said I could have it if I wanted, but that we didn’t really have time to go look today. He said that he would send me photos in the next couple of days, at my request, so I could see condition and see if I wanted to pay to have it shipping to me.

Collecting is about who you know

Today I exchanged two emails with Richard, he is super friendly, has an awesome collection, and is really willing to help me out. He says he is going to send me hi res photos of the sideart, I am so psyched, especially since it validates the idea that “it is not what you know but who you know.” But I got lucky to meet Joe in Chicago, he and Richard both are two extraordinary guys that I got lucky to be in contact with so soon.

Contacting Richard Ford about Jr. Pac-man

Having not heard anything back from Joe’s contacts, I decide to ask about the guy out east, and if Joe knew many people on that side of the country. Joe did know some people, but Richard was not one of the ones he listed off directly. I debated on calling each individual out there with Richard’s full name, but decided I would ask Joe about Richard directly. Sure enough, Joe knew of Richard, they had exchanged emails on a number of occasions for another super rare game.

I shot Richard an email, now we will just have to see if he responds.

Found posts about Rare White Mr. Do! on RGVAC

I find a post on the Google Group from 2001 of an individual in New York who owns this machine. Emailing, however, returns nothing as the emails are bounced back as the address is no longer valid. The individual’s name was Mark Deroller, so if you have any information about him, and if he still has this game or not 6 years later, please email me. Does the guy still collect?

I also found a post from Eric – “alphamonster” on the Google Group that claims to have the machine. The post is from 2005, but when I emailed him I didn’t get a reply back either.

Got to play my Mr. Do! in Allendale, MI

I got to see the game for the first time. I wasn’t impressed, but for what I got it for, it was a good deal for a working board and monitor. The cab was in worse shape than the photo showed, and the joystick was set so low that it was really hard to manuever and play.

I started to think what I was going to do with the game. I wasn’t going to have it in my basement looking like this, would I just keep it in the garage? I should try to make a decision before Justin comes down and brings it with him in February, so I thought on it a little bit.

Starting to track down images of Jr. Pac-man sideart

I started to think about doing a conversion on an empty Pac-man cabinet that I have to a Jr. Pac-man. But of course, I would have to have the original sideart on the side. Plus, because the sides were so different I knew that not only would I have to trace the artwork, I would need to recompose it to fit the difference in cabinets.

I emailed a good friend and well connected guy I had met in Chicago, Joe Magiera, to see if he knew anyone that may have the original Jr. Pac-man with the sideart in tact. This contact loves Williams games, so he didn’t know right off the top of his hear so he contacted a couple of guys in his network. We’re waiting to see if we hear anything back.