January 31, 2007

At lunch today Krinkle, or Kellogg, or whatever we were going to name him, didn’t eat yet again. He ate some breakfast, so he did go outside and do his business, but I was starting to get worried. Sarah told me to try adding some ripped up ham to his food and that is all he ate was the ham and left the dry stuff alone. Apparently that helped some in the morning, he ate some of the food with the ham, but not for me. Also, when I went to pick him up and take him outside, he did a little low level growl at me, which alarmed me quite a bit. It was triggered by me picking him up, and didn’t seem like a puppy who can just be noisy and expressive.

When Sarah got home she started calling our puppy Kellogg. I didn’t realize last night that she had liked the name so much, but apparently it really resonated. This was weird because it wasn’t the first name we had for him. We both really liked Krinkle, but I just felt like as he got older, that name wouldn’t be as fitting for an older dog. So, exciting times, our first puppy has a name, Kellogg.

But on to the serious stuff. I told Sarah about Kellogg’s outbursts at lunch, and the growling continued when we picked him up to take him out. It alarmed both of us, and he even snapped at Sarah cutting her cheek. Pretty freaked, we still decided to sit on it and do something tomorrow. It was late tonight, and we just wanted to play.

He is really cute. He is playing with just about everything with give him. We got him a little rope from Petsmart on adoption day that he will run around with on his own, or play tug of war with you. That also is supposed to freshen his breath, noticing a theme here? He bats the tennis ball around between his paws and around the room, and is starting to track it when I would roll it away for him to go and retrieve.

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