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Photos of Jr. Pac-man kickplate

Richard got right back to me today, told me that the Jr. Pac-man sideart looked really good, and had taken some photos of the kickplate for me to work on as well. He said he would also be more than willing to help me do any color matching I might need to do. That may be tough, but I am glad that he is willing, really nice guy. He is in PA, and not too far from Indy. I have started thinking about going out there to see his collection, maybe in late April.

Final vectorized image of Jr. Pac-man sideart

I emailed Richard with a small image of the final Jr. Pac-man sideart tonight and explained it a little bit. I asked him for some feedback, to look at it carefully and see what he thought. I also told him, that I thought I had a vector version of the kickplate art, or at least some larger images, but I didn’t and I asked if he could take some photos of that for me also.

Reworking parts of vector Jr. Pac-man sideart

Retraced Jr. Pac-man’s kite tonight in the hour or so worth of time that I had. I also adjusted the original sideart artwork that I had done for the Jr. Pac so tomorrow I can size in the more correctly drawn kite, and hopefully start to get some feedback on the colors and overall look of the traced piece from Richard.

More work on vectorizing Jr. Pac-man sideart

I got to work on my sideart some more tonight. I retraced some of the different shapes on the shoe region. I added in some hatching detail on the inside of the laces, tones up some shapes that I missed or miss viewed and didn’t draw correctly. I also fixed the bottom of the shoes, the circle sections. The photos Richard took are awesome and clear. I also started to retrace the kite before I had to get to bed.

Hoping Walt can send some Mr. Do! photos

Spoke with Walt again today. He was so nice, and even though I indicated that I probably couldn’t drive out to Lynn, MA to get the Mr. Do, he said he would take photos of the side of the game for me so that I could trace the artwork. I offered to barter some web work with him, and I sent him some links so he knew that I am good at what I do, so hopefully that will be of value to him. He said it will probably be another couple of days, but I am psyched. If this pans out, I didn’t have to wait too long to find someone who had this game and who could help me in my quest to reproduce the artwork.

Dig Dug Project Restoration & Repair

Dig Dug Marquee

Welcome to my restoration / repair notes for my Atari Dig Dug machines. Over the course of my ownership I had a lot of problems with these two classic arcade machines. One Dig Dug started as a Land Sea and Air Squad, painted solid black. I restored that Dig Dug completely from the ground up, tracking down parts on ebay and through other arcade collectors over two years. The second Dig Dug was a nicer cabinet that I bought with the intention of trading. Both Dig Dugs gave me PCB and power supply problems right before I sold them to collectors in Indianapolis and Kentucky.

So, I hope these repair and restoration notes help you with your Dig Dug. I love comments, so leave me one even though I no longer have these games. You might be able to help someone else, especially those of us who hate those dang Atari power supply boards.

Gary knows a guy that is possibly selling the rare white Mr. Do!

Tonight I got an email from someone I had contacted earlier on, Gary, about his Mr. Do machine. He had sold his a long time ago, but out of the blue he emails me and says he found someone who has one, and mentions that he doesn’t want to part with it, but would for $400. I think that is a great price, but funny because I just found someone else myself who is selling one for the same price. So, I emailed Gary back for more information, I hope he is able to get back to me.

Gary emailed me back, it is a different guy and he is located in Pembroke MA, which is pretty much the same distance as the other one.

I also got photos today of the Mr. Do machine that is in Lynn, MA, and I was surprised that the sideart seemed to be rubbing off. It was a weird kind of wear I hadn’t seen before, so I asked Gary about this since he owned one of these Mr. Do’s previously. He says this was really common, that the Mr. Do white cabinet dedicated version would just rub off in your hands.

The other owner’s name is Rob Carroll in Pembroke, MA, who bought the game from the owner that Gary sold it to, so hopefully Gary will be able to find his email address for me.