February 4, 2007

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, and it was a big day for us since the Colts were playing against the Chicago Bears. We had some invites to go other places, but opted to stay home. I had traveled for each game, and was longing to be at the house, and having the puppy made it that much more inviting to spend time with him.

But I didn’t spend that much time with him, I worked for most of the day up and until the game. Sarah did though, the usual, she cuddled with him, took him out to go potty, etc. etc. It was a fairly nasty day, and he did a lot of squirming trying to get away, and then when we got him outside, he would stand next to or on our feet and whine as the brittle wind whipped through his frail body.

During game time, we both had our jerseys on, and he laid on Sarah in the beanbag. He was so cute, and we got quite a few good photos of him. (One of which we later got framed.) We did startle him a little bit, he would look up all surprised and excited when we would shout or cheer at the tv for what was going on.

It wasn’t the first time, but when Kellogg would get excited, he would respond to each of us. For me he tried to jump up on the couch to get me, and for Sarah he would try to eat her hair, twisting all around and nipping at it. Pretty cute stuff.

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