February 9, 2007

Today when I came home from lunch I had a couple of surprises. The first was I found Kellogg had pushed his way around the right side of the box and the extended box flap to get behind his box and hang out. He didn’t make a mess, which was relieving. That is the whole point of the crate though, is he is not supposed to go potty in there at all. So when Sarah got home she put a spacer box in the open area in back so he didn’t have any leverage to push things around and get back there.

The second was we had two unexpected packages sitting on the front steps. I took them with me on my way back to the office, they were from “Aunt” Brenda, so I knew that they were going to be things for the dog.

When we got home we sat around, took some video, and unwrapped the packages with Kellogg. Brenda sent a cute card of a handful of puppies in a red rider wagon with their paws out. The inside contained well wishes for our new family member, saying she had sent along some stuff to get us started.

Inside we found, two things of treats, one bag of steak flavored and one box of Milkbones, doggie shampoo, a puppy kong and spray cheese, and for us a couple of t-shirts, mine saying “Cereal Killer” with a skull and two spoons, and Sarah’s saying “Made in Michigan”.

Sarah filled up the kong with cheese, and he chased it around some and licked the cheese on the outside, but it was too big for him to get his mouth around. I would have normally not been surprised, but he got his mouth around the tennis ball so I thought he might like this too. When I sat down and really rolled it around to get his attention, he seemed to get into it a little more.

Tonight was also a big night for a different reason, we were having guests. Kenny and Lori were coming over to hang out and meet the puppy. We had really wanted him to meet some other people, and we also really wanted to see what his interaction would be like with guests in the house.

It was not what either of us expected. When they got there he ran away from them right away, back into his crate as his safety zone and then when he ventured out a minute or two later when they weren’t watching, the moment they turned around he started to hide out under the end table. He nuzzled up right next to the couch and the wall, with his back to us like he intended somehow to squeeze into the tiny crack. He sat there, looking up the side of the couch and not at us. Yet another great photo opportunity. His other hiding spot was on top of the beanbag, again, facing away from us sitting on his favorite blanket, uninterested when Kenny got down on all fours to play with him.

It wasn’t until after dinner and we had ordered Kenny and Lori’s laptop that Kellogg started to warm up to them. We got a movie and hung out in the living room and he let Lori pet him a little bit, but it still took another hour or so until he warmed up to Kenny.

He slept a good portion of the night since we weren’t doing much anyway. I think we gave him something that upset his stomach, because he was laying with his head out from underneath the blanket that we were all underneath, and he was stinking us out. I sat there, started to sniff the air, and it was so ripe it was surprising such a smell could come from a little dog. I looked at Lori and asked, “Is that the dog?” She laughed and said “I think so”. I am glad she thought so, and didn’t assume that since I smelt it I dealt it.

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