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Received Sanyo EZ-20 Cap Kit

Got the cap kit I ordered from Bob Roberts today in the mail. I went outside and got the monitor out of the cabinet so I can start working on it. There was some rust and dirt on the monitor frame that I cleaned off, taking a steel wool to it to try to get the darkest portions removed. I will probably wait for the uncut harness to get really motivated to get the game totally done and ready to go.

Working on small things, monitor ID and photos of Dig Dug

Last night I did some things with the game.

I took out the Land Sea and Air board that was in the game (Taito game, not Atari unfortunately), which meant taking off a little block of wood as well. I took the Dig Dub PCB I had out to the garage to compare connectors, and it doesn’t look like it is exactly the same. There was an auction that ended today for an uncut Dig Dug harness, and I won so I have it just in case I need it.

I took some photos of the machine for the interested trader tonight as well, some close ups of the different pieces, some of the blemishes as well as the good stuff like the marquee and bezel. This morning I made up a list of my costs that I have put into the machine so far to see what my totals are.

Tonight I also got the monitor number down (20 – EZY) so I could order a cap kit. I found that the cap kit, according to posts on the Google forum and other places, is interchangeable with the (20 – EZV), so I placed an order with Bob Roberts tonight for that cap kit, and sent out payment this morning. He emailed me back tonight to say that he cross shipping the parts and I could have them as early as Friday.

Found out that my trade with this game would depend a ton on it working, this is a big deal in this instance even though I have everything, so I am trying to get my butt in gear to get it up and working as best I can.

I may get Rob’s information who owns the Mr. Do!

Just when I thought I was going to have to start over, my trail has picked up again. I emailed Gary one more time to see if he had found Rob’s information (Another guy in MA who owned this Mr. Do) and let him know about Walt and how things didn’t work out. He was nice enough to email me back last night with Rob’s information, and to let me know that he had already told him that I was going to email. So, back at it, and hopefully he has time to get back with me.

Possible trade involving Dig Dug?

Got back out into the garage tonight to do some quick things with the Dig Dug. There might be some interest in a trade with the machine, so I took the bezel out (Now that the weather is going to be permanently warm) and put it in, and clipped some wires to the extra buttons that were on the Land Sea and Air control panel, installed a black button where one was missing, and placed the new control panel on the machine. I then took some photos of it, looks pretty cool to see all of the stuff there at least temporarily. Pretty close to being done now that I have the pcb in my possession. Just would take a weekend to get running, which I don’t seem to have right now.

Starting to vectorize Jr. Pac-man control panel overlay

This week Richard sent me a close up photo of the original control panel overlay by itself. Tonight I started tracing it, and got through about 50% of it I believe. I imagine it will be about two weeks before I am able to finish it up. The Jr. Pac-man’s are always tough, the detail in his shoes takes awhile. It should be another cool piece to add to my collection when finished, the final idea being I would have all of the artwork for making an original Jr. Pac-man if I would ever need.

Mappy on ebay didn’t sell

The Mappy auction did end yesterday without any bidders. I emailed the owners yet again, asking to work something out. This time I told them that I could barter my services with them so they could get the total worth out of the machine according to their minimum bid on ebay on this time.

I almost think they aren’t getting the emails, but they should with the subject line being about ebay, and they have been sellers for awhile. I did some research today to find out how much parts might go for when parted out, and I saw even four years ago, $300 for a Mappy was pretty common. The parts didn’t go for much, a Mappy pcb might run $45, and I saw a full size marquee go for less than $20.

Making an offer on the black sided Jr. Pac-man

The Mappy auction ends today in less than three hours. I don’t think it will sell, there are no bidders, but we shall see.

I emailed the guy I met over Christmas with an offer for his original Jr. Pac-man in Ohio. It doesn’t have the sideart, is a touch beat up, and the sides and marquee area are painted solid black. It would be a job to get that off, it is a flat finish paint. I offered him $450 for it. Probably more than I wanted to pay necessarily, but more becuase I knew at his first asking price of $900, and current of $695, there would be little chance my offer would fly. He emailed me back and said “No Thanks.”