Working on Dig Dug control panel, sanding carriage bolts

Worked today a little more on the control panel. I kept using the Simple Green and scrubbing away at the base of the control panel and the black spray paint. I feel like I got a little more of it off, but not very much. Plus, the area around it is turning a shade of black from the dirt and grime in general, so I may need to find out something else to clean this off.

When I spoke with Richard Ford today, he recommended that I get one of the Orange cleaners, a Citrus type cleaner, and let it set on the panel. He said not only should that citrus work in and loosen that up, it should also clean off the rest of the control panel and give it a great shine.

I also took the time to track down and prep some bolts that go in the control panel to hold on the joystick. I had a couple kicking around, they are those short carriage bolts that are so hard to come by. The heads on a couple of them were rusted so I sanded them down before I put them in the game to give it that small extra touch of making it look new.

Control Panel Bolts Photo 1Control Panel Bolts Photo 2Control Panel Bolts Photo 3Control Panel Bolts Photo 4Control Panel Bolts Photo 5

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