Pengo at Bidding At Auction in Grand Rapids

I haven’t done a lot with this game since I had problems with it over a month ago. I got the game working for the most part, but it was really loud. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get the volume turned down low enough so that it didn’t hurt my ears.

But, when I would move the coin door, I would get some static noise. The next time I turned the game on, I got garbage on the screen.

So this week, I was looking at an auction site in Grand Rapids, and they have a working Pengo! I was pretty pumped about that. It doesn’t have the sideart, and plays the same stupid soundtrack mine does (Justin went and checked it out), but it would be sweet to get it for cheap and combine the two to get one working one without having to troubleshoot mine. But I also know a good friend of mine wants one too, and he is not too far away, so he may just bid on it as well.

So, I went downstairs and took some photos of the screen I am seeing. I also did some checking with Elektron Forge and Alex to see if he would repair a board, if that was what the problem is. He said he doesn’t work on those boards, so I will have to look somewhere else I guess.

With the auction going down tomorrow, and I without any news answers for my game, and the potential costs to fix it, I will just have to play it by ear. There are a ton of great trade game auctions on ebay right now, and an original Jr. Pac, so I have to just be smart and see if it makes sense.

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