April 11, 2007

Nokes first storm, he did pretty good. He has started doing a cute little puppy yip bark, which we try to be good and not encourage.

Today three times he responded to the down command, so now with sit, he is starting to recognize things. I think he is starting to get his name as well.

Tonight Sarah said he was walking the perimiter of the deck. He has certain sides he likes to try to get up on, mostly the west side of the deck because it is closer to the ground obviously. He will run all the way from one side to the other just to use that side.

Another behavioral thing, she said that he appears to be hiding certain toys underneath the couch, and paces around whining looking to hide them again after you find them and pull them out.

They just keep coming, tonight was the first time that he went to the dog and sat when he needed to go out and do “his business”.

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