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May 30, 2007

Tonight Nokes met Christine, he was all over her and the girls. They thought he was quite the cutie though, and he is still, even as he gets more distinguished everyday in his looks. They brought him a new chew toy, a loop on one end and a squeaky firehose material on the other end.

May 24th, 2007

Got the game into the basement tonight, for it’s final resting place for awhile. The monitor was great in the garage until I moved it around, and then when we moved it into the basement it got better again. Was a ton of work though, figured out that we can’t have a game facing out with it’s back against the window. The back really has to be against the guest room closet wall. But it works.

May 23, 2007

For two days now Nokes has been sleeping on the floor in our room. He was sleeping on the bed on Sunday and Monday, but I didn’t want to make the transition harder. Sarah was just having problems sleeping with him on the floor because he moved around so much and she couldn’t sleep. He has done really well actually, hasn’t chewed up something he shouldn’t, has been quite, and hasn’t made any messes. Seems to like to hang out under the bed and sleep instead of his box tipped over. That is where he runs to sometimes anyway when we are home.

Yesterday Nokes met Sierra, which was interesting at the start. Sierra is pretty much a spaz Husky anyway, so I was nervous, for both of them. But after some initial signs Sierra chilled out and they both went on a walk together, Sierra in front as the alpha dog of course.

We have gone back to the can for teaching Nokes “bad”. He really doesn’t like our pop can filled with pennies, and wouldn’t go near Sarah for awhile yesterday, so hopefully that helps.

Oh, and almost forgot. The other little trick we found out about tonight. Apparently Sarah found Nokes laying long ways on the second to bottom stair last night. He had his head in his lap looking at something. Right in front of his nose was a spider, that Sarah thinks he killed either by stepping on, or biting, and was guarding the body. Very very odd thing for our puppy to do.

Mr. Do! Ice Cream finished, for now

Mr. Do Ice Cream Treat Illustration

Punched out the remaining shapes I had drawn for the ice cream drawing. I was doing an on / off comparison of the artwork vs. the original image. It is a decent image to work from, but a scan would be even better. For now I think I am going to say that I am done.

There are some areas that are hard to see if the orange is showing through or not. The way it was put on the cab is a little weird. The yellow paint doesn’t appear to be thick enough to cover the orange, so a lot of the orange shows through. So that makes it kind of tough to tell what is what, and hard to replicate in vector form. When I check my work, it doesn’t seem like it has nearly enough orange, but again, hard to tell. Plus, for now, I had to leave the base of the glass stand a solid yellow because I don’t know what the bottom looks like outside of the photos above on the page and freehanding it. Anyone out there have comments?

May 22, 2007

We left Nokes alone for the first time this weekend. We had some people come over and watch him, Andrea was with him most of the weekend, and Rachel came over to see him too. Rachel commented on how big he was getting.

I think more and more, I wonder how much lab he has in him. I don’t remember when our puppies were growing up, but I don’t remember them being so out of control. We have been really good and consistent in trying to teach him how to behave, not to bite, not to bark, and to stay down. But it isn’t sticking. I really wonder how much lab he has in him, if he has any, because he does have so much energy. More than I remembered the typically puppy having. He is constantly biting or jumping on you, without provocation.

It is interesting to see Sarah get frustrated. Her tolerances are really low, as are mine. The walks don’t seem to calm him down, and Sarah comments he really is like a little kid. When he gets tired he gets more wound up and nippy, like he doesn’t want to lay down. But when he does lay down, everything is fine.

We talked with Brian about some of the things that their obedience training taught them, and we tried some of them tonight. I know I personally hope to seriously look starting next week at enrolling him very soon in something. We don’t want it to get out of control, and it is going in that direction. We can’t have guests over and have him be all over them and having them feel unconfortable.

Cutting wood for Mr. Do! control panel

Tonight I went over to a friend’s to use some of his tools, and have him help me cut up a board to use on the back side of the control panel. It was some composite wood from a shelf, that we cut down to size, drilled the holes for the joystick and the two buttons, and then did some holes for the bolts to hold the clips on. He had a cool drill bit with a counter sink, but the hole size was just a fraction too small. Plus, the holes we drilled with his wood blades were just a touch too small. So, now I need to see if I can possibly purchase some wood blades to make the holes bigger, and look again for small but longer carriage bolts. But things are very close.

Working on Agent X kickplate border pattern

Spent a little time tonight in starting on the complex border for the kickplate artwork. I drew the little rounded rectangle with the
end notches, and repeated it for the outside border of the artwork. Next, I do the same for around the inside of the artwork by the coin door, and then go back and make sure the black and green borders are straight.