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Updating WordPress

Well, looking back, I am not surprised.

It was March when I last did something with this blog, I wasn’t even sure if I would follow through with it.

But today, I updated from 2.1 to version 2.2.1.  This gets me setup to keep upgrading the website if I want to.

I got an unexpected week off from work, and I am trying to decide the best way to use the week.  First priority is always trying to use that time to improve myself professional, or to make money to always better ensure our future and lifestyle. When doing freelance work, there is always some waiting, so that is what I am doing now. I have over three and a half days to change over my Rotheblog.com website.  I would like to be able to have it contained to just this week, not start the project again and not finish it, and have it bleed over into my everyday life as a worry.

So, I think by the end of today I will make a decision on whether I should or not.

But, this is WordPress version 2.2.1 now, and hopefully I will make a decision on what to do before another version comes out and I just keep updating the base without doing any other real work.

Vectorizing Rare Mr. Do! Bezel Pieces

Continued working on the rare “white” Mr. Do! bezel today. I got the main large yellow portions of the Mr. Do Bezel drawn with the blue diagonal lines included. I was also able to finish the base of the ice cream dish, and I also realized that there is a slight difference in the artwork for the apples, so I made another file for that. Pretty exciting to be further along.

I can piece most of the Mr. Do! bezel together today, and will probably finish up tomorrow by drawing the cherries with the new great photos I have. After almost a year of searching, I almost have a really accurate Mr. Do Bezel in a vector artwork format.

Scanning in Mr. Do! Bezel

Today I took a lot of time to scan in the bezel, from the rare “white” Mr. Do! arcade game, in 8 different pieces and stitch it together. It doesn’t look great, there is some discoloration and one spot is just fractions of an inch from lining up, but even with all that headache and the one missing chunk, I can still perfectly finish my vector artwork for the Mr. Do Bezel.

Photo of Mr. Do! Bezel I won on ebay

Before I left for vacation I heard back from Mark, and we emailed a couple of times.

First, he did indeed end up selling his Mr. Do about 5 years ago he said, which would have been about the time he was posting looking for that bezel in the Google Groups. He said that he sold it to a couple he thought, and was remembering for some reason that they may have resold it soon after that. He offered to look through his old email to see if he could find some contact information for them. So that is very exciting.

Also….I have heard in the past that if you wait long enough you will eventually see something come back up on ebay again if you missed it the first time. Well, there was no first time that I missed it, but the White Mr. Do Bezel came up for sale under a “miscellaneous” title on ebay a couple weeks ago. I was in contact with another guy who does Mame stuff and we were going to get it either way between the two of us. Well, I bid and no one else did, I got the stupid thing for a $1. Of course there was $12 shipping, but still pretty cheap for something I wanted that bad.

I had it waiting for me when I got back from vacation, the colors look really good. There are some scratches which you couldn’t see in the auction, and it does have a small chunk missing at the bottom and some cracks / melted spots, but I don’t care. I wanted it to have it, and I knew I could use it to complete the bezel tracing that I needed to do! Here is a photo of it.

Mr. Do White Version Bezel

Forgot Dig Dug connector orientation

Well, forgot the orientation of the edge connector the board. I hooked everything else back up, got to that and had a brainfart, so I will have to look up the pinout again.

Photo of Wizard of Wor PCB

Got a photo today from a collector of their Wizard of Wor PCB. They have a cabaret version of the game, however, and after looking at the photo and looking at the owner’s notes, the Wizard of Wor PCB for a cabaret is a little different than the dedicated upright version.

Here is the photo if you are interested.

Wizard Of Wor Cabaret PCB

New Dig Dug PCB edge connector

Got outside tonight and soldered on the new edge connector for the Dig Dug. I was glad I had did one once already with the Ms. Pac-man machine, so I knew how to attach it properly. Or, so I hope. I haven’t tested it yet, I actually had a drop of sweat hit the board, so I thought to be safe I should let it dry for a day. Here’s hoping it works without issue and I can get it on ebay.