Mappy Cabinet in Dayton area

I had to pull teeth to get any information on this cab in Dayton area. I had seen a post right after I got back from vacation about a Mappy cabinet for $15. But for the price, the people didn’t want to do any photos.

I don’t understand people. Now hard is it to take a couple of photos? You will waste more time answering silly questions than if you take three digital photos and post them somewhere.

Well, they were going to destroy it by the 10th, and I didn’t want that to happen either. The price was great, I was ready to take a risk in driving all the way to at least see it.

But at least I asked the right question and found out it had no topper piece. I would have been pissed if I went all the way over there to get it and it was without that. I might consider taking it for free, but it isn’t worth my time otherwise.

Gotta keep hoping another Mappy cab, complete or not, comes up close to me. They sure are hard to come by.

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