Food Fight Cabinet

The third of four arcade cabinets I got today.

Once Tim posted this in his first group of arcade cabinets he was selling, I expressed an interest to him. In the past couple of months I have learned some things about the game, like it’s relation to Quantum and the low production numbers. I have always loved the shape of the cab and, of course, the colorful sideart as well. The gameplay is fun to boot, so until I found out the rarity I didn’t really realize the value of a Food Fight.

Now, granted, I will search most of my life for parts and probably never put this Food Fight back together, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it. Not to mention, the top back is pretty beat up. But maybe I will keep the Food Fight as a never ending project….it is pretty cool. There are overlays available, maybe I could reproduce the bezels, there may be 25 people out there that would buy some.  But first things first, I have to see if the paint will come off like it started on the Xevious.  Someone already tried, and did a terrible job.

Food Fight Cabinet FrontFood Fight Cabinet  Left AngledAngledFood Fight Cabinet Left AngledFood Fight Cabinet Back
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