Ms. Pac-man Stencil Separations

I bought my Ms. Pac-man last October, and even when I bought it I knew that someday I wanted to either redo the sideart or get a cabinet that had more pink in the sideart.

I have thought about checking around for how much stencils would be, but hadn’t gotten around to it. I have monitored buying another Ms. Pac-man machine and switching cabs, but a deal hasn’t fallen in my lap yet, and Saturday I took the time to email a prominent collector who also does repro art and is well known for his quality stencils about making up a set.

He said he didn’t have the artwork for Ms. Pac-man separated. There is a vector set on localarcade.com, but it needs another set of processing to be ready to produce stencils.

Brian Jones (Prok) said he would work with me if I could get the separations done. I don’t know any printers that I feel like I could go to and have the stencils done for some sort of barter, so I have decided to start on it myself.

Brian has given me some basic instructions and I have an understanding of what he needs. He needs each color in different layers in Illustrator in the order that the color would be laid down on the cab. In the Ms. Pac-man case for stencils, it would be the base blue color, then the yellow, then the pink and finally the black.

Since I have not done this before, I am relying on my sense of 3d and general graphic experience to visualize how the paint would need to be laid out and in which order. I did a sample piece of the artwork, and Brian said I had the right idea so hopefully I can crank through and get it done.

We are still talking about how much it would it would cost to make them.  I need to keep it cost effective just in case of a bad situation where I have to sell the game, I can’t get too much into it for that reason.

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