NOS Circus Charlie

On the klov forums there was a poster that claimed he had a NOS set of Circus Charlie sideart.   This got posted in the forum that got start in 2006 about a guy looking to reproduce the sideart from another set of NOS sideart.

He basically hinted at the fact that it was for sale, and he was taking offers.  I posted that I wanted to get some photos of it before he sold, but I am not holding my breath.  Ideally I would like scans if it is NOS, but the chances of having him do that are slim to none.

There has been a lot of activity about Circus Charlie in the last two days.  One of the collectors who originally spurred me on to think about reproducing it decided to put his machine up for sale instead of finding artwork for it.

Oh well.  I have 2-3 guys already that have said they will take photos of the sideart for me.  So, if I want to still pursue tracing it, I can and then find out who might want a set.  Hell there is a thread already containing the names of those interested from when the guy who was going to produce a set had asked on the forums.

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