Pengo board arriving today.

I am pretty pumped, I hope everything works just fine.

I took the time last night to do some more cleaning that somehow I missed when I brought it into the house.  There was still some dry junk inside the coin door area up front that I vacuumed out.  I also took a look back at previous emails with Bob Roberts about what to do about the sound issue.

He said it was probably just a bad connection, that the pot doesn’t usually go bad.  Just check the wires back to the board.  Well, it is a short trace, the connection goes right to the harness behind the separating board.  I looked at the molex connector, and noticed that some of the pins were sunk back a little more.

I took a screwdriver and pushed the pins down so they should make a better connection.  I also took that same small gauge screwdriver, and pushed it around in a circular fashion inside each of the female pin connections.  This widened them just a little, not enough to make a bad connection, to make the molex connectors fit better and easier.  I had such a problem with a tight fit with those Pengo molex connectors, and I felt like this was the best way to loosen them up.

I really hope that fixes my sound issue, and if my sale goes through this weekend on another machine as planned, I am going to immediately order that kit from Prok.  I am so pumped to think about having Pengo working perfectly.

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