Reproduction of Circus Charlie Sideart

I have seen two posts in three days about having some reproduction art done for this game. I know very little about it, but thought maybe I should capitalize on that and work on making some vector tracings.

There are very few collectors listed on VAPS with this game, but I emailed the few that listed as having a dedicated upright cabinet.

I have heard back from two of the three I have emailed, hopefully I can get some good photos.

Talking to another reproduction artist in email today, it sounds like he scans in sideart when possible in a ton of pieces and then puts it back together.  I hadn’t thought of that, putting the game flat and going to town. That is a ton of work, although it probably gets you the most accurate without distortion. He said that he will mail his scanner to people though.  What a process. What if they don’t have the software? You have to have a really willing soul to help you out with that, and a deep bank account.

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