Movies, vacation, Mr. Do! artwork and Mr. & Mrs. Pac-man Pinball

Today was one of those days that you feel like you are having a permanent brain fart.

I felt like I had been really productive all week on my week off.  I didn’t work on all of the things I pictured, but you know, I never do.  Things always come up, and you have to address them when you are married, own a home, and have a dog.

In the morning I had the option to go in and do my first practice for ensemble (singing in front of church).  I am still on the fence about committing, I still have a lot of decisions I want to make about other things about committing.  But, if someone keeps asking, I would probably cave.

Sarah was going to be at Wheeler all day, which made me sad.  Instead of going anywhere, I sat around and watched a movie, Last Kiss with Zack Braff. Pretty decent…

Then, I took the dog for a walk.  I got to call Emily and see how things were going for her and wedding planning.

When I got back, I got the resolve to do the remaining tracing I could do on my Mr. Do artwork.  I added it to the blog and moved onto something else.

I knew I had to make a call to an arcade contact, we hadn’t talked in awhile and I had to talk to him about some artwork and other stuff, so I took an hour to do that.

Then, I just had my brain fart.  I knew I wanted to watch some baseball on tv, but I also knew I could work during that time.  But, I didn’t.  I even took a little nap since the dog got us up so early.

Later on Jessica called, so we talked for a little bit.  I uploaded some new galleries, and managed the ones I had on my Picasa album, adding my photos of the Mr. Mrs. Pacman Pinball and our vacation photos.

I don’t remember what I did after that.  I know I relaxed, maybe played some Ms. Pac-man, read some RSS feeds, probably worked on adding more content to the WordPress blog.  I got some photos later on that helped me trace a couple more pieces for my Mr. Do artwork, so I did that too and updated the image on the blog.

Sarah came home just after 10.  We hung out together watching some tv for a little bit, and ate the popcorn she brought home.  I missed her today, wish she could have been around.

We got to bed at a decent hour, I watched part of SNL with Shia Lebouf, but that was it.

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