Scrubs has a lot more character development then I thought

On the way home from work we played delivery people.  We dropped off a bunch of Pampered chef stuff to friends who ordered it.

When I got home, I had a call I had to make to a contact that took about an hour.

Then we had some dinner, and I popped in a DVD.  The first disc of the first season of Scrubs came in the mail tonight from Blockbuster and I wanted to try to watch all of it.  It is a lot of episodes to watch in one night, eight total, but tomorrow I wanted to return it and get another movie free for a movie night with friends.

So, I watched the whole thing.  I laughed quite a bit.  But the more important thing, the show does a lot of character development I think.  The humor is quite obvious, physical, and sometimes reaches out and hits you over the head.  But for me, watching random episodes some times didn’t do anything for me.  But when I watched these first eight, things came together for me.  The episodes I had seen made more sense why the characters are the way they are, and how the humor has built on itself for so long.

Unfortunately, that is all I did tonight.  Sarah did a ton of work on the laptop and on fast direct, the online system for school.  She is trying a new approach to work this year, and I hope it works out for her.  But she was feeling terrible, itchy eyes and general allergy type symptoms.  It was nice to go to bed together around 11:30.

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