Dig Dug PCB went to garbage

Well. It has been another month.

Last month right after my brother in law and I looked at the Dig Dug, I listed it on ebay. I did some small final touches, screwed the audio board into the inside of the cabinet to secure it and glued the broken cone button back together.

Someone local to Indy won the game, and was going to pick it up on a Saturday. It worked fine on Thursday, but then about a half hour before the guy was to come by to pickup the game, I turned it on to get it warmed up to show him. Well, I got garbage on the screen. I about crapped my pants. So, I had to tell the guy how sorry I was, and that it really did work a couple of days ago, but hoped he would understand that I couldn’t sell it to him.

So, finally last night, after a long frustrating month, I decided to take a look again at the RAM error I was getting on the Dig Dug PCB to start researching the problem. I get garbage on the monitor, and then after a while it flashes RAM OL & OH.

I am hoping that there is something wrong with the audio board / power supply that is something easy to fix, or maybe it is this legendary big blue cap on the power supply that always causes weird problems. I don’t know yet, but I just know that if I have to get this board repaired, or find a new one, I might have this game until the end of the year.

Fortunately, the guy was really great about it all. He said he would still be interested if I got it working again.

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Did you ever get to the bottom of this? I’m having the same issue with my Dig Dug (“RAM OL” error). Also, hello! I’m in Indianapolis as well…

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I replaced the RAM outright, which helped but I believe uncovered another issue with the board. I sold the game in a large lot before I got it fully working again.

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Do you happen to know a source for that chip? Do you happen to know if the TMM2016P can be replaced with any of the TMM2016P-n variations? I’m not finding the plain “TMM2016P” chip easily, but am finding ones like TMM2016P-1, etc.

Thanks so much!

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I never ran into that issue, so no, I don’t.

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