Big Breakfast, Big Music, and Dog Parades

Both of the dogs were up early early this morning.  By the time I finally woke up, Sarah had been up with Nokes for probably and hour and a half, and she with mom and dad had taken a long walk around the block.

We did the big breakfast thing a little later in the morning.  Sarah braved making omelettes, and did an awesome job.  I tried to make a breakfast tortilla in the tortilla maker.  It was good, but not perfect.  Next time it will be better:)

One of the original thoughts was that we might go to some public auctions in the area.  There were 3-4 four, at different spots all around the city and they all started at 10 am.  Well, by the time breakfast was done, it was 11 am, so we decided to just skip it.

After hanging out and talking about the plans for the day, we left around 1 and the girls went to get haircuts at the beauty school.  Dad and I went to Menards to get a 3/4″ joint for the hilly billy golf game fix, and I also got some more Goof Off and put it on our Discover card present from last Christmas that we found again on Friday night:)

We weren’t home for long.  We headed right back out with the dogs to Christine’s house to walk Lady.  Christine was out of town for the weekend, so everyone piled into the van for a fun time walking the dogs in some sort of parade around her sub-division.  Hunter and Lady didn’t get along well, which is what I was concerned with.  Lady just growled and growled, and attacked at one point.  This is true to what Christine has said in the past, but we just haven’t seen it.   Our parents had met her before and knew how complacent she normally is and were equally surprised at her actions.  It was weird seeing Nokes by Lady, he really has gotten bigger, and is bigger than she is now.

When we got back we were hoping that the Tigers were going to be on Saturday tv.  They weren’t, at least not until the Braves / Mets game was over.  We got to see one inning of the Tigers game before it was all said and done.

We finished the night off with some dinner, and then played games outside.  Dad put the new joint in the hilly billy golf, and we played that and cornhole.  I made a fire for a little while and we roasted mini marshmellow (that is all we had) and made smores.

When we came inside, I finished watching “The Perfect Stranger” before I went to bed.  It was a weird movie, kept you guessing.

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