Car & computer maintainance and reading about a dog named Marley

Busy busy day. Dropped off my car in the morning for an oil change. We got to head home about the usual time, a little after 4, picked up the car and Sarah headed home as I headed up the street to Indyweb. They were the good old boys that we shared an office space with eSystems for a while at Sherman park. Mike said he could help me out and do a backup on my laptop harddrive, and for much cheaper than Best Buy or Circuit City would do. They made me an awesome offer of $100 for 9GB of data. Man, if my laptop was my primary machine, that would be very expensive.

The whole backup took only 20 minutes. After I saw the drive out of the computer, and what Mike did, I knew that I could do it from home. I wanted to do it from home again too, we just copied my files off the drive, and I wanted to erase most of my files before I sent it off to HP. Something about having them see my personal photos didn’t thrill me, and with the possibility of the laptop being wiped out, why not right?

When I got back Sarah and I took Nokes for a walk. I found out I had until 8 pm tonight to take the laptop out in the provided express box, or just take it tomorrow morning, it would arrive at HP at the same time.

When we got back, Sarah relaxed. I had some feedback for a client I needed to get out on a project scope.

Last night we had talked with my parents about a book that we would be getting for free, a 401K financial investments kind of book. My parents had read it out loud together, and I thought that sounded like a good idea. I knew that this meant Sarah and I needed to finish reading “Marley and Me” first. We had gotten through about 170 since last December, most of that was while we were on the road over Christmas. I hadn’t felt that motivated to me, I wasn’t as captivated by the story given the subject matter as I thought I would be. But I knew Sarah wanted to read it, so I figured if we read about 35 pgs a night for four nights, we could be done.

Tonight we read 50, so we are in really good shape to be done with the book by the time the 401K book arrives in the mail.

That was about it for Sarah. She was pretty wiped out from the week, being sick, and the general frustration of her class.

I was up really late, actually. With all of the files I got from my laptop, I did a ton of file organization and needed backups that I had put off for a month. I also went ahead and disassembled my external hard drive so that I could tap into my sata drive from the laptop and clear things off there as best I could. I got things around for the morning too, there were a coupe of packages that would need to go out and a bill or two, so I got that all ready.

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