Invoicing, New Apartments and Napping

As we get older, and our nights are earlier, that makes the early morning lifting sessions easier to do. Dave and I met again today before church. I like meeting before church because it is a time frame I might have been awake anyway, why not be productive and use that time to lift. Sarah usually needs most of that time to get ready, but said she would go with us if we could go a little earlier. Next time…

After church we closed out the service again. A crowd of about 10 of us stood around and talked, felt like awhile since we had done that.

When we got home, it was time to work on the computer. Late last night my laptop did the crappy thing with the screen going out again. I hope I can fix it with the same tricks, but I must not be doing them right because I tried what I did with the HP tech before and they aren’t working. So I just worked on the desktop.

I decided it was time to pass the reigns on the final piece of church updating, and gave some of the content editors two weeks to determine who would do the weekly news before I stopped. I didn’t know a better solution, but I really need to step away from that.

I also had some updates I needed to do for Madeline’s Dance.

Just before we had some lunch, I ran out to the movie store and did a exchange for something new – A Good Year. We ate, watched part of the movie, and then got back at it.

I don’t know what Sarah was doing, but I think it was school work. I feel bad that I don’t know…I should. I think she was evaluating a planet earth special someone gave her on DVD for her class. I had to do some invoicing, so my activity was less than fun anyway.

We then took a little break to go and visit some friends. Rachel and Joel had moved into a new apartment around the time we got back from our vacation, so I wanted to go and see them, support them in their new place, and get a good sense of where they are now located. We talked about a lot of stuff, including her schooling and what their future held. Their new apartment is really nice, they did a nice upgrade without having to sacrifice location.

When we got back Sarah kept me company working on school work while I dissected the Mr. Do! to prep to move the monitor and iso transformer into the R-Type. I worked on that for a little while before I hit a road block, I really need solder wick.

We went back upstairs, I put on cartoons and fell asleep. Sarah talked with her parents for a little bit I think. Then, knowing that I was groggy and concentrating was probably out of the picture I just popped the movie back in and watched a good portion of that before heading off to bed.

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