Long’s, Fantastic Four and Moving Relatives

The dogs were up early again this morning, so the parents and Sarah got out and walked them.  When they got back, Sarah went with Dad to go and fill up the van, and they stopped on the way back and got some Long’s donuts, a whole box full as a matter of fact.

I don’t remember exactly what we did for most of the morning other than lounge around.  We did sit down and have a nice lunch though before they left to return to Michigan.  Steak and potatoes, the all American works.

Soon after they headed back, we looked up show times for Fantastic Four 2 and went and saw that at the cheap theaters.  It was very average, about what I expected.  They have made that really geared towards younger kids to see IMO.

We called Pat and Tom when we got back and wished them well as their move is coming up this Wednesday and they are permanently leaving Michigan.

I did some research on the internet on how much a trip with Sarah would cost for a school conference to Kansas City, and then about 7 pm Eric came over and chatted with us for a bit.

We finished off the night in front of the tv, I worked on doing some vector artwork and posting on the blog, Sarah did some school work that I had helped her put off all day.

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