Oliver Winery and Colts vs. Denver

Everyone hung around and talked after church. We knew we had some time to wait either way, Grubbs had to run the kids out to his sister’s in Greenfield, and then they would come by our house on the way out.

We came home, got changed, me into my jersey:), and we waited. I did some file organization until they arrived. It was right around 1, and we headed down to Oliver. Such a gorgeous day, warm but breezy, I can’t say I remember a more ideal day to be down at Oliver. We just had two bottles of wine, and resisted for now from buying more. We are still focused on something else.

It was a great time thought, lots of laughs. Kenny and I went down by the water briefly to walk around, throw the football around and pet the huge fish.

They hung out until the half when we got back to the house and watched the game. Sarah and I watched the rest of the game after they left.

That took me right up to cartoon time at 8:00 on Fox. Mom Chapman called around 9:30 and we all chatted about the week. Sarah headed to bed, I went out to the bank, watched a little bit of tv and also called it a night. It was a crazy weekend for a change.

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