Shopping, Mallow Run Winery, and The Choking Tigers

In the morning I met Dave at the gym at 8:30 to get our third and final workout in for the week. Sarah and her mom put together a breakfast caserole that everyone sat down and gobbled right up soon after I got back. We were pressed for time and weren’t sure if we were going to make the 10:25 service.

When we got home everyone relaxed a little bit on the couches and watched the dogs. We talked about what time we should leave for the winery and decided to leave around 1:00 to do some shopping and get down there at a reasonable hour. We stopped at the Teacher store and at Bed Bath and Beyond before we made it down to Bargersville just after 3.

It got hotter out today again, so we made sure to find some shade. The pulled pork was ok, but the whole meal was a good amount of food and different items in general for a nice variety.

Mom, Dad, Sarah and I did some wine tasting inside, Dad ended up getting a bottle of red for use to drink.

When we got back home we hung out outside. Mom and Sarah sowed some toys for the dogs, I got out the football and played catch with Amanda and a little bit with Dad, and I went inside intermittantly to check on the Tigers. We thought for sure being up 7-2 over the A’s that they were going to win. They lost 8-7 in the bottom of the 10th. Not the way a World Series bound team would play.

At about 8 I came inside to watch tv, it was still miserably hot outside and any movement made me perspire. The regular cartoons were on, and after they were over we all just watched whatever I flipped to. Nice relaxing end to a hot day outside.

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