Upgrading Rotheblog to WordPress 2.3

Wow, what a crazy amount of trial and error, mostly because I forgot the “De-activate” plugins step.

So, I followed all of the backup processes but the plugins piece. I didn’t realize this until after I was thinking about what could be causing my problems.

Here the first post I piggy-backed onto which was a little off topic, pertaining to RC 1, and the post I started in the WordPress forums.

Needless to say, it got me more comfortable moving around in PHPMyAdmin, dropping tables, doing double installs of WordPress, exporting sql files and modifying them in PSPad (Preserving breaking spaces). I had found in comparisons of the base installs that some of the tables got removed completely in the new install, and new ones were added. Then I found out all about the totally new schema for WordPress on the back end, reading some posts.

You running plugins that might query THAT table? As Ryan Boren stated: “The big schema change is the dropping of the categories, post2cat, and link2cat changes in favor of the new terms, term_taxonomy, and term_relationship tables. Any plugin that queries against the old table will break horribly.”

I assume that the re-organization mostly has to do with speeding up WordPress 2.3 and supporting the new tagging feature in 2.3. I could read all about it in the changelog on the WordPress website I am sure, but I am not that hardcore yet and I may not completely grasp it anyway.

In the end, once I did things right, reuploaded what I had, going back to version 2.2 of WordPress, de-activating plugins and dropping and re-importing all of my tables I got up database update to work. I got rid of my “You don’t have permission to access page” error, I think I got that error because of a partially bad install, and things were back up and running.

I couldn’t tell you how exciting it was to have my data back up, and working. I was getting pretty scared there for a little bit with 1400 posts on the line.

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