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Dynamo Cabinet 19″ Monitor Mount Board Dimensions

Last Saturday I mounted a 19″ monitor in my Tetris Dynamo cabinet. The cabinet is 25.5″ wide, so I don’t think it was meant to fit a 25″ monitor originally, the monitor opening is 22.25″ x 22.25″ square. Maybe it was meant for a 21″ monitor?

Either way, the opening was way too large for me to mount my 19″ monitor without some customization. A JAMMA cabinet, they are meant to be universal cabinet for any game. Probably an easy job for most guys with power tools. But I didn’t have any, so I called in a friend.

The night before I measured out the board we were cutting, and I thought I would share those dimensions here in case someone else could use the information.

I had a 3/4″ thick piece of plywood scrap that I got for free that I worked with. I think the thicker the better since the monitor is so heavy.

Here are photos of the monitor mounted in the cabinet;

Image of Dynamo Cabinet 19Image of Dynamo Cabinet 19

And here is the dimensions for cutting a board to fit your dynamo cabinet and mount a smaller monitor.

Image of Dynamo Cabinet 19

Notes: The holes that I drilled were 1/4″ for the mounting bolts. I made this drawing for a horizontally framed monitor. You will notice the slots to the side for the frame flaps to slide through.

The dimensions are as following (Converted to the decimal);

  • Total Board Size – 22.25″ x 22.25″
  • Inner Square Total Size – 14.5″ H x 18.25″ W
  • Monitor Flap Slots – 1″ H x 1.0625″ W
  • Space Horizontally around cutout – 1.875″
  • Space Vertically around cutout – 3.875″
  • Bolt Placement From The Left of Board (Top and Bottom) – 2.625″, 9″, 15.5″
  • Space to center of holes – 75″

Hope I described that clearly. Like I said above, I had to make the opening a little taller than 14.5″ to fit the 19″ Electrohome monitor screws.

Nokes locked himself in the john

Tonight Sarah came down as I was relaxing and asked if I had seen Nokes. I told her I hadn’t, but figured he was around and would turn up in a second or two of searching. But after I heard Sarah make two loops through the house I started to get worried.

Then Sarah was laughing hysterically from our back bedroom. Nokes must have been digging around on the lower shelf and closed the door on himself. In a little tirade he unwound most of the toilet paper and then chewed up the edge, which was really bizarre. Sarah joked, “Well, at least he won’t have to wipe himself next time he goes out to the bathroom.”

~Side Note: I added three photos of Nokes from this month in the photo gallery. I also added a link at the top of his section so you no longer have to go to “Photo Galleries” specifically to see it.

Circus Charlie – Vectored Ringmaster

Vector Artwork of Circus Charlie Ringmaster
Today I started on vectorizing one of the Circus Charlie photos I straightened. The ringmaster artwork was fairly simple, and was one of the more clear photos I got.

The vector artwork will have to wait on the textured splatter effect on the colors. For now the colors are just solid. I would imagine eventually I will need to find a piece of NOS Circus Charlie sideart and get it scanned and use the scan for a raster effect.

Saving a corrupted Illustrator file!

Late yesterday I had a freak out moment. I was working on a file and was exporting it and the colors were off. Usually this means that my color space is not what I am expecting. Sure enough, exporting to a jpg the color space should be RGB, and it was set to CMYK. I changed the space in the “color” palette,saved the file and thought nothing of it.

I went to open it back up later and got this wonderful message; “Can’t open the illustration. Could not complete the requested operation.” I didn’t worry too much, sometimes I’ll get a similar message when my system’s memory has been maxed, and programs just start shutting down or working funny. But after I even rebooted I was still getting the same message and starting to freak that I had lost my work.

If you look anywhere online, designers suggest you to save stages. I hadn’t ever adopted this practice because of resources (space) and time (managing all the different versions). So, I didn’t have an earlier revision, so what do I do? I can open the file as raster just fine in Photoshop, and I can see the file in preview in Illustrator.

What I ended up figured out was, because I could see the file and open it other places, that the corruption wasn’t too bad. I may be able to save the file, it may have just been a linked file that had caused a problem.

So, I opened the Illustrator file in Adobe Acrobat, and saved it back out as an .eps. I opened it in Illustrator and I had my artwork back! Pretty psyched about that, and hopefully I learned a lesson to save some multiple copies or stage revisions.

If you have a corrupt Illustrator file giving you the “Can’t open the illustration” message, try that and I hope it works for you.

Food Fight Chef on Kickplate finished

Vector Artwork of Food Fight White Hat Chef
Today I finished another piece of the Food Fight Kickplate vector artwork, tracing the white chef near the upper left corner of the kickplate. The vector artwork was simple, and a breeze to do. I think the next piece will probably be right top corner with the other watermelon slices, since I traced one slice already on the kickplate lower left corner.

I know this particular section of Food Fight artwork looks weird, but the chef is the only full piece I had. The photo had pieces of other fruits and vegetables, but nothing in full, including a pie. I will probably need a close up photo of just those artwork items.

Halloween reveal of Two-Face at Why So Serious.com?

Late last week I had seen posts about Why So Serious.com pop up on my radar. If you remember, this is the website that has had a couple of different “Dark Knight” viral marketing campaigns.

The newest addition was a Joker Jack-o-latern, with a creepy grin and a burning candle. I visited the site and didn’t think too much of it.

But then, the Joker pumpkin’s candle kept burning further and further down, and it was obvious something was going to happen. What new inside bit would we see about The Dark Knight movie coming up.

Well, on Friday and over the weekend, the pumpkin started to rot! I know it sound stupid to get so excited, but for a Batman geek this is a big deal. All of us are excited about Christopher Nolan’s treatment of Batman, and all of the photos of the movie we have seen so far. We’ve already seen the joker, and Heath Ledger looks awesome. But what about an image of Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face?

Why So Serious Joker Pumpkin Progression

Here are some progression images showing the original pumpkings, and then the pumpkin rotting on only one side. The pace of the changes makes it appears as if the final reveal will take place on Halloween. How cool, something for the geeky comic book legions to look forward to!

(I know this is mostly re-regurgitating information from a ton of blogs, like HollywoodChicago…but not all of my readers visit those sites:)

Colts vs. Panthers and Study Study

After church I got in a half hour of studying. Sarah made up some cookies, and we headed off the Christy’s house to watch the Colts game. We had been invited before, but hadn’t been able to attend. Lori and Kenny were going to be there, we’d have great snack food, and it would be a good time all around. They have a huge tv, something like 60″, so it was quite the upgrade from our house.

Colts won by quite a bit after a touch of a slow start.

When we got back, I did a small meeting with a freecycle person, played a little Jr. Pac-man, then got to studying. I studied right through until about 8:30 when I finally was finished with my two and a half hours for the day.

Didn’t do anything else for the rest of the night other than watch the second disc of Season 4 of Scrubs so I could return that as my last outstanding Blockbuster disc.